Western Insulations has been serving customers since 2004, offering the “Greenest of the Green” Insulations

With proven excellence in the Calgary area, working with customers who have trusted their insulation requirements to Western Insulation, we’ve got you covered. We are the leader in reliable, efficient and quality insulation – the quality builder`s choice. Western Insulation has built this reputation by offering exceptional service, healthy and environmentally responsible products and ongoing commitments to training, safety and performance tracking.

Family owned and operated business since 2004

Company Mission

Install the right product for each application, professionally and competitively, while ensuring every customer knows how important they are.

Why Choose Western Insulation In Calgary


While Weathershield is simple to install yourself, we offer professional insulation installer services and are glad to answer any questions you may have.


As well as being made from 100% recycled material, installing Weathershield will reduce both your heating bill and your carbon footprint, saving you money.


Our insulation is priced competitively, and the savings on your utilities on top of our helpful and informative staff ensure that you get the most out of every dollar.

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